You open your laptop, bring your coffee closer and log in for tests for your dream job. You already applied and passed the interviews, the only thing missing is your psychometric score. You answer most of the knowledge questions and pass the personality test. Do you lie or answer honestly? This case is more common than you think, and for sure it only gives a guideline of your assertiveness but does not specify the whole truth until the work on the go. Did you check the box “I know how to work under pressure” but in the first few months have you had more gastritis and office problems than you could count? Today, the intellect you have or the degree of experience are not enough for total success in business. Empathy with your clients, collaborators,

Being on the side of your team leads to a common job satisfaction in which “win-win” will be the order of the day, and we assure you that the goals will increase due to the degree of motivation of human resources as well as the initiative, optimism, confidence, self-control or adaptability, can you think of more? What is a fact are the obvious benefits in the company if an emotional philosophy is practiced, starting to notice a better work environment, the staff is more responsible, reinforced leadership and even the processes of change are streamlined or the problems are faced in a best way for teamwork.