Those of us who are immersed in the business industry cannot deny that corporate boards act as that lever that speeds up the strategies of the week or month, as the case may be. But we also agree that there are times when they are abused and instead of being an advance it is a total waste of time. In order not to leave your meeting to improvisation, we recommend that you conduct them in such a way that the collaborators are aware and go with the necessary initiative and contributions.

No meeting can be left unfinished. So the purpose must be established from the first minute along with the topics that will be addressed to steer the board towards specific objectives and guide the company in the same direction. Here the role of the leader is essential because the more receptive the team will be able to present discussion points.

Make your corporate meetings productive by limiting one hour, delegate those responsible / propose solutions to problems / negotiate alternatives / maximum 6 people should be called (they can be area managers who communicate their decisions to their team) do not forget the minutes with the conclusions and signatures of attendees to schedule the next corporate session. If you are a G100 member, you can reserve one of our many rooms of different sizes and capacities with adequate and technological equipment that will allow you to implement a meeting, giving the best impression to clients and coworkers.