New York Room
Share and evaluate digital information with your work team, which will allow them to talk about the exposed topic while observing the content, since it gives the option of optionally hosting high-definition telepresence systems.
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Zurich Room
Recommended for work teams of up to 10 people in which structured meetings can be held and digital information can be evaluated, allowing teams to view content simultaneously on 2 visual devices.
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Milan Room
Enjoy the best catering prepared by the house chef with the highest quality products while you do a business closing
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Tokio Room
Ideal for planning and developing large projects with your work team, since it is an ergonomic place which adapts to the needs and characteristics of the users, optimizing efficiency, safety and well-being.
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Guanajuato Room
It offers a wide range of equipment which is ideal for Board, Directive and Managerial meetings, where the number of attendees is greater than 10 people.
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Florence Room
Ideal for organizing your work meeting with up to 8 people, where you can share or expose digital information.
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Silao Room
Share with your work team the information you want simultaneously since you will find 2 TVs in which you can share different content at the same time.
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Detroit Room
Organize your meeting with your work team (up to 8 people) where you will have the opportunity to share and comment on digital information.
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Madrid Room
Ideal for small meetings or trainings, with support material such as white board.
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Berlin Room
Collaborative system Media: cape® (share information wirelessly) 2 TV´s of 75” Polycom IP6000 Phone
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Mexico Room
Room for multiple training activities, events, seminars, courses, conferences, etc. It works equally well in local or remote collaboration sessions with the use of telepresence and is scalable depending on the size of the group.
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