Visualize the kick off of your start-up, hundreds of collaborators applauding at the launch cocktail, colleagues shaking hands and wishing you all the professional success, the ribbon cutting of your first office. The event ends and the daily routine begins in your company. Calls, emails, ads … What else can be missing? the previous scenario is a cliché of entrepreneurship.

And at this point comes nothing more and nothing less than the role of “Networking”, which surely you have heard about this trend in the business world and have even attended an event where it was practiced without realizing it. Since always, having a contact folder has been and will be an excellent opportunity to open doors for you. You never know who you might be dumbbelling with. Attending conferences, courses, workshops and seminars translates to being exchanging ideas with someone who could change the direction of your company and even receive feedback on their experience in the field, which is why opening your socio-professional circle can encourage you to future growth and publicize your business model in this pilot stage.

Moving to an exclusive building with a co-working philosophy will promote your relationships to fit them together as a daily habit; especially if you migrate with your teamwork to a corporate office in the most important technopark in Latin America. The possibilities are endless, so pull out your business cards, those entrepreneurial skills that run through your veins, go to specialized events to soak up tips and prospects. Be part of León’s most promising business district and develop your networking skills on a daily basis.