One of the most important challenges that have marked my business career is the development, in 2016, of the G100 Business District. The AAA Corporate Building, designed and built according to the Guanajuato Puerto Interior environment, with the best companies in the world.

Guanajuato Puerto Interior represents a synchrony between the State Government of Guanajuato and the private sector, where each one has had the vision of contributing and transforming the environment: The Government has put the right conditions and more than 150 companies from different nations have taken advantage of them to invest and produce a wide variety of products, generating more than 30,000 jobs.

Without the Inland Port, Guanajuato would be very different today.

Congratulations to Guanajuato Puerto Interior for its 15th anniversary, consolidating itself as the most dynamic logistics and business platform in Mexico and Latin America.



Gabriel Padilla Cordero